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At West 4 Construction, we take pride in providing exceptional construction services. With our skilled and experienced team, we are committed to delivering results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our range of construction services includes new construction, renovation, remodeling, and restoration of residential properties. No matter the scale of the project, we have the expertise, resources, and equipment needed to complete the job on time and within budget.

At West 4 Construction, we pay close attention to detail and are dedicated to delivering superior craftsmanship. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their vision is translated into reality, and we go above and beyond to ensure that the end result is of the highest quality.

We believe in offering excellent customer service and strive to keep our clients informed and involved throughout every step of the construction process. Our focus on quality, professionalism, and client satisfaction has made us a top choice for anyone looking for high-quality construction services.



We understand the importance of collaborating with architecture firms to design high-end residential properties. We believe that working closely with architects allows us to create unique and stunning homes that reflect the personality and vision of our clients.

We have established relationships with several architecture firms, and we work closely with them to bring our clients’ dream homes to life. Our team of construction professionals understands the complexities of high-end residential construction, and we work with architects to ensure that every aspect of the design is taken into consideration.

We believe in a collaborative approach to construction and design, and we work closely with architects to ensure that our clients’ visions are brought to life. From the initial planning stages to the final finishing touches, we work together to create a seamless and cohesive project that meets our clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.


Interior design plays a crucial role in creating high-end residential properties that are truly stunning. That’s why we work closely with different interior designers to bring our clients’ visions to life.

Our team of construction professionals has established relationships with several top-tier interior designers, and we collaborate with them to ensure that every aspect of the design is taken into consideration. We understand that the interior design of a home is just as important as its construction, and we work together with our clients and their chosen interior designers to create homes that are not only beautiful but also functional and livable.

Whether our clients are looking for a modern and sleek design or a more traditional and elegant look, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen. By collaborating with top interior designers, we are able to create truly unique and stunning high-end residential properties that our clients will love for years to come.