West 4 Construction Ltd is an experienced and dynamic construction team with unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction.


The company began as a general works contractor in 2006.

Over the years, West 4 Construction Ltd has undertaken many challenging projects and accumulated skills and experiences in the build of high quality award winning residential developments. The company has also established relationships within the industry with top award winning architects and specialist consultants to manage and construct various projects.


The proactive nature of West 4 Construction Ltd's management style, and its ability to work in co-operation with other constructors, has helped the company to earn a reputation within the construction industry.


West 4 Construction Ltd concentrates to deliver each project on time and within budget, and at the same time focusing on the need to fully understand the individual needs of its clients.


The experience has enhanced West 4 Construction Ltd's building contracting capabilities - allowing the company to manage construction projects from tender to project completion. Its experiences enable the company to adhere to budgets and programmes, resolve on-site design issues and to have a full appreciation of client’s demands.


West 4 Construction Ltd takes pride in its delivery, thus its clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time.





KSKa Architects
The Studio
16 Ellingham Road
Shepherds Bush
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Hamilton King Ltd

The Light Box

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111 Power Road


London W4 5PY



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Structural Engineers

Elite Designers  
12 Princeton Court, 53–55 Felsham Road

London SW15 1AZ

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Centrespace Design LLP

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